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This is not only our business and our occupation but also our vocation and our passion.


We price our range to do three things: to cover our costs, to make our labour worthy of the “hire” and to reflect that our customers may be meeting the price out of a clergy stipend.


Our grateful thanks must go to -

Revd Mandy Brown, the seed did fall on good ground, it just took lots of watering and prayer.

Tom - for the name of our business and your unstinting support, giving us the beautiful space to create in.

Peter - our guru on all things marketing on the internet. Always phoning to check we’re ok. Twitter works well Pete!

Rosie - for the creative swing tags, loads of smiles, love and youthful enthusiasm.

Carolyn - our first model and Lesley’s oldest friend.

Lisa - for our first photos, thank you.

All our Hertfordshire clergy friends - who took on our marketing samples and gave us the positive feedback on what we were doing.

More recently our thanks go to:

Alan Bamber of Bamber Sewing Machines Ltd - for whose guidance we are so grateful.

Tracey Gibbs Photographer - for our new photos

Abby our model - taking up the challenge at the last moment.

Finally, you - all our clients, without you there would be no Hem of the Garment.

From Yvonne & Lesley