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Our Story

2011 - a significant meeting

Yvonne & Lesley met over sewing machines and black coffee at Saint Etheldreda’s Parish church hall in Hatfield (Hertfordshire) on a Saturday morning during a group meeting called Creative Corner.

At this point a bit about Creative Corner.  Lesley had coffee one morning with the curate at St Eths, Rev Mandy Brown, and expressed a wish to share her creativity with others. 

As part of church outreach, a small group was formed and an altar frontal was designed for a side chapel in the church.  Others joined and took part.  The congregation were asked to help and many emptied their sewing boxes and stash of fabrics to help with the endeavour. The project took 600 hours for 22 people to create. Following this, the group went on to create quilts for residents at a local care home and personal projects were brought in.  Eight years on the group continues.

Yvonne and Lesley spent many hours discussing sewing. Yvonne talked of her many years of working in the fashion industry and Lesley of her passion for all things creative including dressmaking and quilting. 

Yvonne patiently instructed Lesley in creating her own garments.   Lesley introduced Yvonne to the creative world of quilting.  They recognised an underlying wish to take their creative ideas further.


2012 - the seed is sown (or sewn?)

Rev Mandy had gone on to become Vicar of Holy Trinity, Bishop Stortford.  Mandy asked one day if we could go for coffee and alter two “off the peg” clergy dresses. Lesley unpicked them, Yvonne took measurements and the dresses were remodelled to fit.


2015 - the move North and the creation of a studio

Lesley and her husband Tom put their house in Hatfield up for sale. The move was to go North to a location near Manchester for Tom to finish his work life.  Over dinner one night Tom wondered whether Yvonne might want to join them.  They asked her and without any hesitation she agreed. 

Tom & Lesley’s dining room became the hub for ideas. Yvonne & Lesley discussed how clergy wear could be made more desirable and find out what women wanted in a garment.  The designs started to materialise and the move North couldn’t happen quickly enough for the new business. 

They arrived in Rixton, Cheshire in November 2015.  From there on it was full steam ahead to create a studio in a garage, design a collection  of garments, source fabric and trimmings and make up the first garments.

In April 2016 the business was launched.